The nights, the days all come back to me,
As I try to slither through the darkness,
Of mind, the heart or those billion dreams,
Your voice calls my name,
The sweet, serene and the melodies all,
My wings open to a majestic length,
The storm that’s keeping them packed,
Rains that moisten feathers oh so soft,
A distinctive light evaporates the dew of doubt,
The wind that keeps me afloat,
Takes me to places that make me soar,
And as I close my eyes to see you,
The light stretches my pupils to distances immense,
Your voice calls my name,
And the light guides me home……

24 thoughts on “Light…..

      1. Hahahaha. 😂😂. Happens with me sometimes as well. When i try to explain something to someone by talking, If its a funny story, I’ll laugh myself so hard that I won’t be able to tell that story. 😝😝

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Good Morning and Thank you Rishika. 😇Wow, I feel exuberant to see that this little work of mine could make you smile. 😇 Sometimes a little leap of faith can do wonders to ourselves. Thank you again Rishika. Hope you are doing good. Stay Safe. 😇


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