How do you save a soul that’s trying to harm itself,
You listen to the desires deep that have burned for eternities,
The voices shut, muted, strangulated in their sweet sleep,
You ask if the things that keep them up at night will bring them peace,
Once they had their days with them,
The memories, traumas and expectations of millionth scope,
Walk with them when they see no reason to see the Sun,
Energy escapes them and they look for crevices to hide,
Soiled, cold and filled with rotting blood,
They find comfort in disgrace,
Embarrassment is their phobia,
Heights have amazed them,
Darkness their friend,
Bring them flowers filled with scents of the sky,
Ice creams that fill up their bellies with butterflies,
They don’t know when was the last time they had a candlelit dinner,
An opera just for them,
So how do you really save a soul that wants to harm itself,
This world no longer of their use,
The food doesn’t entice their tongues,
The warmth of the skin shrivels their mind,
You love them,
Just like a being loves another being,
Just like the Moon loves the Sun,
It burns due to the Sun,
Enlightens the dark with its presence,
A soul identifies with just the energy,
And it attaches itself to it,
You love them until they begin to love themselves,
And maybe love them beyond,
Piece by piece,
Atom by atom,
They heal,
A soul will eventually heal…..

37 thoughts on “Heal

  1. “Just like the Moon loves the Sun,
    It burns due to the Sun,
    Enlightens the dark with its presence,”
    Beautiful expression, Harsh. Everyone takes time to heal, may be some days, weeks or years altogether but eventually heal!!❣❣

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    1. Indeed Nawaz. Everyone takes their time. Isn’t it a beautiful love story? The Moon has no light of its own, full of craters and is devoid of life. But when Sun shines on it, nothing really matters. They both glow together. Thank you so much for reading Nawaz. 😇😇

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    1. Wow Hannah. That’s really a big compliment. I don’t know if even I am worthy of your words. I am really filled with immense gratitude for your words Hannah. Not even sure how to respond. Thank you so much for making me smile ear to ear. 😇😇

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  2. What beautiful truth and wisdom in that poem Kumar. I love when you said this…
    “You love them until they begin to love themselves,
    And maybe love them beyond,
    Piece by piece,
    Atom by atom,
    They heal,
    A soul will eventually heal…..”
    Yes, this is what we do and sadly, some leave too soon but I think they were called to a bigger purpose and heal on a soul level.. We hold the vision and then we are smart enough to let them find their own Path.
    The visual of the sun holding light for the moon so healing.

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    1. Indeed Cindy. At some points of our lives, each of us needed healing. Some might be lucky to find people that stick around for them to help in the process, some have to go through it all alone. I really find it sinful that one has to go through that alone. Sometimes our family, sometimes friends or sometimes a significant other, help us through the process but eventually we have to find a way of our own so that some day if they need us, we are there for them. The Sun as I see does the same for the Moon. It hasn’t left its side even when the Moon is lifeless, full of craters and dark. Thank you for your wonderful comment Cindy. 😇😇

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      1. It’s so true. I agree that some people are lucky enough to find people that will support them through the process. It is very sad when they are alone throught it while you said so eloquently the Sun and the Moon are the Yin Yang of the same coin together as the other rests like a sailor in a safe harbor. The other sad part is when the one that’s being helped continues to turn their back and walk away in to the distant horizon never to return. That is heart breaking for the giver. I know that feeling well. Bless you and you’re so welcome. Kumar!

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      2. Yes Cindy. I know that feeling too. It’s like breaking a piece of one’s heart and just throwing it away. I guess in a way we both have experienced the same. Sorry for the late reply Cindy, I had dosed off. 😇😇 Good Morning. 😇

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      3. It’s so true Kumar. It breaks my heart daily because these are my family members and you can only do so much but sometimes, that’st the best you can do for both of you. 💔. BTW, this is really wild but I looked at what I had on tap to send tomorrow for my poem, whose not a poet day, (lol) and I swear to god it has the sun and the moon in it. How wild is that?!?! I will try not to post it until a later time. trying to come up with something else, but I’m not quick like you. No promises. Good night.. lol.

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      4. I can understand Cindy. That hurts even more. The closer the people, the harder it is to say goodbye.
        Wow. We think alike. 😍😍You should post the poem Cindy. Why wait?
        It would be wonderful to read what you have written. Post the other one as well when you come up with it. There’s no limit to posting here on wordpress. 😉😉

        Have a goodnight Cindy. Sleep well. 😍😘

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      5. So true Kumar and thanks for getting it. This is a hello, hello and never goodbye but crushing with LOTS of bounderies. Oh you are sweet. I may just have to but honestly, it’s so elementary compared to yours writing. Thanks for the encouragement and guess what? If I can’t come up with anything… … you’ll see it tomorrow. Thanks and you have a good day 😀

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  3. Ahh, this is so eloquent and poignant. It must be a sad, sad day when the world becomes of no use to one the very souls that it has nourished. Love, however, has the strength to heal. To steer away the darkness. I think, despite the atrocities that the world has seen, the simple act of loving, its purity and beauty is what keeps the world going. Thank you for writing this. I feel like, it was something that needed to be said and you did it.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading Rishika. I really wanted people to know that this is a thing and it’s completely okay to feel this way. You need help and help can come in any form. Maybe through this the needy might gather the courage to talk or the other can talk to the needy. I also wanted to through this article, to convey that I am also available if anyone wanted to share a thing. 😇

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    1. Indeed Yeshu. Truly said. 😇
      Thank you so much. I am really glad you liked this piece of mine. Everyone craves for love. It only grows with sharing, just like happiness. Thank you for reading. 😇😇

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