She anxiously searched the drawers,
As angst took over her beautiful face,
Tell me how does it look,
He asked as he stood up,
Don’t worry I’ll find it soon,
She said without battering an eye,
He silently crept towards her,
As she tried to ignore him,
Grandma’s button, she meeked,
He had in a way calmed her little eccentricities,
The storm water had slowly started to recede,
As brightness came back to the city,
Let me look for it in the attic,
He said, adjusting his spectacles,
You don’t have to, you must be tired,
He smiled as he slowly walked towards the attic,
What’s important to you is important to me,
He had silently acknowledged,
The ocean sometimes needs to meet the shore,
To realise how calmness feels,
The slow murmurs of the wind,
Gently kissing its cheeks,
Soothing it to a slumber sweet,
And sings to it of melodies ancient,
The ocean slowly closes its eyes,
He came back with the box that had held all her memories,
She saw it and came immediately running,
The box had her Grandma’s Button,
And the one that held her had her heart,
The mind and body came much later,
As they had already dissolved into one being,
An organism of romantic times,
She wanted to cry as moments like these were overwhelming for her,
She looked him in his eyes,
As her oceans touched the shores,
And rain had started to pour,
Her heart was pounding,
Like the way they had first met,
And sat silently under the Banyan Tree,
Reading books of their own,
He smiled at her and went back to the bed,
What happens when two souls learn the language of the universe,
Words lose all their meanings,
And voices become so mute,
Come back to bed when you want to,
He lied down on the bed,
Took out his book,
Smiled back at her,
And had started reading…….

26 thoughts on “Language

  1. This was such a beautifully woven story and the imagery was vivid as was the description Kumar. Oh the treasures of the button. We used to play a game with my grandma who hid he button and then we would run around looking for it. I have a treasured bottle of them. At her memorial service we made a big wreath of flowers that looked like a button.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I wrote this just out of imagination Cindy. Never thought it could relate to someone so much. I had seen a button in one of the hollywood tv series and was dazzled on their sheer beauty. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal memory. I am smiling here reading this and maybe you did too by remembering your grandmother. She must be watching you from above and must be proud of what you have become. 😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We never know what we will evoke in another so thank you for that memory. It was lovely. I adored her and she is in my heart. Awww, thank you Kumar. I think she loved me to pieces. Actually, I was her favorite, I’m not going to lie. ha!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Vikas. I am sorry for replying so late. Of lately some of the comments when to spam folder and as I was clearing it I saw your comment. Thank you again for the compliment. I will definitely visit your blog. 😇


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